Apps to clean your phone and make it faster

Clearing your phone's memory manually can be time-consuming, so nothing better than finding a tool to do it with, right? Check it out below!


Smartphones, over the years, have introduced faster functionality and high memory capacity to users. However, they often become overloaded over time.


In this sense, improving the performance of your appliance is key to extending its life. For this, although some occasional repairs are necessary, most of the care should be done at home. With that in mind, we have separated in this article the best apps for cleaning your phone, both for iPhone and Android. Find out more!

Why use apps to clean your smartphone?

Although today’s smartphones are high performing, maintaining the device is essential for prolonging its life. Therefore, some applications clean the phone’s memory, improving its usability.

In short, applications for cleaning cell phones can identify:

  • Photo/video files that take up too much space;
  • Little-used applications;
  • Viruses and other threats;
  • Temporary files (cache).

All this data buildup hampers the performance of the smartphone, which slows down, taking time to open or respond to applications. In addition, an application to clean your phone helps the user’s security.

This is because we use banking app, have personal pictures and other important data. Therefore, any leak of unprotected files can be a major headache.


At the same time, when installing an application to clean your phone, consider the available space and RAM of your device so that it doesn’t take up too much space.

What is the best application for cleaning cell phones?

Today, having a mobile cleaning app installed on your smartphone is essential for good usability. Therefore, we brought some apps for Android and iOS that will help you in this mission. Check them out!

1 – Clean Master

Probably the best-known app in its category, Clean Master helps optimize Android performance, as well as providing more security for the device. Among the application’s functions are:

  • Cell phone cleanup, deleting unnecessary files;
  • Cell phone accelerator, which frees up RAM memory, making the system faster;
  • Antivirus, which protects the phone against viruses and threats, making the device safer.

Clean Master can be downloaded via this link.

2 – Smart RAM Booster

Smart RAM Booster is very advantageous because it improves the internal performance of your cell phone. So, among its functions, you can mention:

  • Cache cleaner;
  • Smart RAM Booster, to optimize your phone’s memory;
  • Application manager;
  • SD card cleaning.

Smart RAM Booster is free and you can download it here.

3 – Android Booster

For Android users, Android Booster is the perfect phone cleaning app! Among its main features are:

  • Cleaning unwanted cache and junk files;
  • Speeding up your phone with the Phone Boost function;
  • Application manager;
  • Battery manager;

In addition, the application has an intuitive interface, working on older versions of Android, or those with small screen.

Android Booster is free, and you can download it via this link.

4 – Magic Phone Cleaner

One of the best in class for iOS, Magic Phone Cleaner identifies and deletes unnecessary files on the device. In short, it routinely cleans the system, deleting cache data and junk mail, thereby improving system unemployment.

During the process, personal files such as photos, videos, and documents are preserved. Magic Phone Cleaner is available for free download via this link.

5 – Phone Cleaner: Clean Storage

Although it has different functions, Phone Cleaner: Clean Storage is a very efficient cell phone cleaning application. In short, it can be used on both Mac and iPhone. In short, it identifies duplicate applications and documents. All you need to do is install the app and give it permission to scan.

In addition, Phone Cleaner: Clean Storage also identifies heavy photos and videos, then where you decide whether or not to delete them. Being a good option to make your Iphone faster, you can download the app through this link.


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