06 tips for buying a cheap ticket to travel in Europe

06 tips for buying a cheap ticket to travel in Europe

For tourists, it is normal to choose to buy a cheap ticket to travel in Europe. Did you know that there are some tricks we can use to find the best prices?


Before we do our research, we need to understand what a cheap air ticket really is. We can't expect to find a ticket to Europe in high season, 500 reais round trip, right?


We have to have common sense to know what is cheap and what is not real. Well, come on, a plane ticket from Brazil to Europe costs on average R$4.000 (remember it can cost R$6.000 or more depending on the season).

Tips for buying a cheap ticket to travel in Europe

To help you when buying a cheap ticket to travel in Europe, we have put together 6 essential tips that will help you find the best prices:

1 – Make dates and times flexible

The first tip is to organize flexible dates and times for your trip. Buying tickets for holidays you already know can be limiting and will inevitably lead to you paying peak season fares.

The ideal is to research the places you want to visit in Europe before booking your desired vacation, so you have time to check which month is cheapest to travel to the chosen destination without having to worry about pre-defined dates.

2. Prefer low season

Even if you are looking for more limited dates for European airline tickets, some details at the time of purchase can have a major impact on the final purchase price.


Choosing the season is very important! The ideal way to buy a cheap ticket to travel in Europe is to travel out of season to save airfare costs and travel time.

The low season in Europe is usually winter, between November and March, but it is also possible to find cheap air tickets in spring, from April to May, and in autumn, from September to October.

3. Choose connecting flights

Flights with stops can drastically reduce the cost of air tickets! If saving money is really your motto, better give the parts that need to be connected a chance, as the value will drop significantly.

It is important to remember that connecting trips are longer and more tiring, and there are often problems with lost luggage between flights. Weigh the pros and cons and choose the option that suits you best!

4. Discover the cheapest European airports

The choice of airport can also affect the cost of the air ticket. Sometimes it may be worth buying a ticket to a smaller or more distant airport and taking the metro, train or bus to your destination.

5. Find low-cost airlines

Low-cost airlines are unbeatable when it comes to cheap air tickets. Traveling around Europe is easier and cheaper if you understand the logic of these low cost companies!

To get the best discounts, you need to be very careful: pay attention to offers on the website and subscribe to company newsletters. Some of the most famous airlines are EasyJet, Vueling, Condor and Ryanair.

The first batch of tickets are sold for a very low price, but prices will increase as available seats decrease.

6. Compare different search engines

To help you with this, there are several websites specializing in comparing airline ticket prices. Just to name a few sites, we have: Skyscanner, Momondo, Kayak, Promo Tickets, Expedia, Viajanet, MaxMilhas and many more.

In other words, there are good ways to buy a cheap ticket to travel in Europe. Just follow the tips above and you will get great prices on your next vacation trips.

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