4 sites para acompanhar eventos na ESPANHA

4 websites to follow events in SPAIN

The Spanish winter is saying goodbye, and with it the country is already starting to program itself for the spring/summer high season, where it is possible to follow the sites with events in Spain.


These sites to follow events in Spain have a variety of entertainment options for different groups and gather, from celebrations in the capital and big cities, as party itineraries in small villages, being a great option for tourists who intend to visit the country in the next months.


4 websites to find out about the biggest events in Spain

So, we've put together the best websites where you can follow all the Spanish events in the coming months:

1. Sonfiestas

Application dedicated to different towns and cities, where municipalities can upload their newsletters with all the information about fairs and festivals and various events.

Available for iOS and Android, it allows the user to visit the desired city through a map (and register in the app) and see all the information about the celebration. It allows you to receive notifications about date changes, have your own agenda with the most interesting parts and much more.

2. Eventbrite

This application, in addition to a calendar that can be used to display city fairs and festivals, also includes various cultural and leisure events: concerts, sporting events, etc… It includes information such as location, date and price information for each event.

The app lets you know about parts close to the user based on location, so you never miss anything nearby. In addition, it is not only valid in Spain, but also shows millions of events in dozens of countries. The app is available for iOS and Android, as well as a web version.


3. Estamos em Fiestas

Application very similar to Sonfiestas. The app is available for Android and iOS and allows you to consult all the leisure activities in the village. The list is constantly updated and past events are automatically removed to avoid confusion.

Obviously, this app has more traffic and users than Sonfiestas, so if you can't find what you're looking for, it might be a good alternative.

4. Wannaparty

Great app for anyone who wants to know about celebrations in Spanish cities. The application does not focus on municipal celebrations, but shows private parties.

Registered users in this Android app can notify users that they want or are close to having a house party. A user submits a request to join a group and the moderator decides whether to accept. Anyone who wants to enter the party has to pay a price decided by the host. Perfect for anyone looking for a wild party… or something more relaxed.

Ready! Now all you have to do is choose which event is more in line with your profile and enjoy Spain in a different way, taking advantage of everything the country has to offer.

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