Apps to Clean Cell Phones and Make It Faster

Cleaning your cell phone memory manually can be time-consuming, so there's nothing better than finding a tool to do that, right? Check it out below!


Smartphones, over the years, have presented faster features and high memory capacity for users. However, they tend to get overwhelmed over time.


In this sense, improving the performance of your device is essential to increase its useful life. For this, although some occasional repairs are necessary, most of the care must be done at home. With that in mind, in this article we have separated the best apps to clean your cell phone, both for iPhone and Android. Know more!

Why use cell phone cleaning app?

Although today's smartphones are high performing, maintaining the device is essential to prolong its useful life. Therefore, some applications clean the cell's memory, improving its usability.

In short, cell phone cleaning apps can identify:

  • Photo/video files that take up a lot of space;
  • Little-used apps;
  • Viruses and other threats;
  • Temporary files (cache).

All this accumulation of data hinders the performance of the smartphone, which slows down, taking time to open or respond to applications. In addition, a cell phone cleaning application helps with user safety.

That's because we use banking apps, we have personal images and other data important. Therefore, any leak of unprotected files can cause a big headache.


At the same time, when installing an application to clean your cell phone, consider the available space and RAM of your device, so as not to take up too much space.

Discover the Best Aps to Clean Cell Phones and Make It Even Faster

Today, having a cell phone cleaning application installed on your smartphone is essential for good usability. Therefore, we have brought you some of the best apps for Android and iOS that will help you in this mission. Check out!

1 – Cleaner

Antivirus Phone Cleaner is an application developed with the mission of offering a complete solution to optimize and speed up your cell phone. Combining the functionalities of a junk file cleaner and an effective antivirus, this app is designed to provide a smoother and safer mobile experience.

This app is available for download only for Android.

2 – CCleaner

CCleaner is not just limited to cleaning. It also offers application management features, allowing you to uninstall unused applications and identify which ones consume the most system resources. Additionally, the app addresses privacy by allowing secure deletion of browsing history and other data.

This app is available for download on smartphones, on the main platforms, such as android and iOS.

3 – AVG Cleaner

It is an application designed to offer a remarkable boost to the agility of your cell phone. Combining advanced cleaning and optimization features, AVG Cleaner provides an effective way to free up space and revitalize your mobile device's performance. By removing unnecessary files, app cache and other digital debris, the app allows your phone to operate at its fullest potential, delivering a responsive and responsive experience.

This app is available for download on smartphones, on the main platforms, such as android and iOS.

4 – Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup goes beyond basic cleaning. It also offers intelligent management capabilities, allowing you to identify and remove underutilized applications, as well as monitor and control system resource consumption. Taking a complete approach to optimization, Avast Cleanup aims to improve every aspect of your device's performance.

This app is available for download on smartphones, on the main platforms, such as android and iOS.

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