Find out which are the best broadband internets in the UK

When choosing the best broadband internet in the UK, it can be quite difficult, especially since there are several options that can confuse the consumer.


As the country offers several plans, it is necessary to ask yourself: How fast do you need and what kind of connection can you get at home? How long should you research a contract and how do you know if a supplier is reliable?


Best broadband internets in UK

Below you'll find our top picks for the best UK broadband providers for 2023:


Plusnet now has a strong track record of success in the Expert Review Best Broadband Awards, winning it two years in a row.

In addition to winning the General Award, it also won the Personal Service, Call Center and Reliability awards, in addition to the Highly Recommended Value award. In short, nobody comes close to Plusnet in our 2023 awards. That's why 78% of Plusnet customers we surveyed said they would be happy to recommend their broadband provider to friends and family.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media is known for the speed of its broadband connections, which is why it won our Speed ​​​​Award again in 2023.

Virgin Atlantic has a wide range of fares covering different speed classes. Only one of Virgin Atlantic's rates is 100 Mbits/sec or faster, and it currently has very low prices for its two fastest rates.



With With this fantastic BitTorrent deal, not only will you get speeds of up to 73Mbits/sec, which is enough for streaming or gaming on multiple devices, but you'll also get the first six months at half price (£17/month, so £34/ month after the sixth month) with no upfront costs – saving £102 on a 24-month contract. Plus, you'll get a £110 rewards card to spend anywhere Mastercard is accepted.


EE is offering a £3 per month discount on all its broadband tariffs to customers who pay monthly on mobile contracts, which makes the total prices shown in the table below even more attractive.

How to Choose the Best Broadband Provider for You

Now that you know which are the best broadband internets in the UK, here's how to choose the option that will completely meet your connection needs:

Verifique sua cobertura

Location makes a big difference when it comes to getting the best broadband. The speed and reliability of fiber optic and ADSL connections will depend on the quality of the line between you and the nearest street and the distance between your home and the local exchange.

Fique atento ao prazo do contrato

Some broadband contracts still run for 12 months, but ISPs are increasingly trying to lure new customers into 18-month or even two-year contracts. If you're happy with the service, that's probably fine, but if you want to change ships to a faster or cheaper provider, you might have to wait a long time.

Calcule o valor total da inscrição

All ISPs will charge you monthly, but if you're comparing different plans, it's wise to consider the total you'll pay over the term of the contract, including any upfront setup fees. If you're shopping for a new ISP, check prices before signing up. 

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